The Art of Getting Over Yourself
And Why You'll Be Happier When You Do
Selfishness, resentment, greed, ego, the illusion of self-sufficiency... Make you miserable.
Discover the cross of Jesus Christ, and the beauty of his Church, and be set FREE.
You'll Learn:
  • ​How to get unstuck on yourself and stuck on Christ
  • ​How the passion and death of our Lord teaches us how to live
  • ​The second greatest gift to conquer the world's greatest sin
  • ​How to process past mistakes and grow from them
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"...a timely dagger into a modern culture obsessed with self."
Catholic Speaker and Best Selling Author
"This page-turner has the power to help you get over your biggest obstacle to being saintly: yourself."
Author of The Grace of Yes
"An excellent roadmap into the promise land and into the joy that follows."
Founder of Real Life Catholic
About the Author
Jon Leonetti is a Catholic speaker, best-selling author, and radio host who conveys a message of lasting fulfillment in Jesus Christ.

Two of Jon's three other books, Mission of the Family and Your God Is Too Boring, are featured in Matthew Kelly's Dynamic Catholic and have combined to sell over 130,000 copies. Jon's newest book is Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Holiness.

Through prayer, the Sacraments, family life, and the help of Mary and the saints, Jon wants to cultivate an intimate relationship with Jesus, and help others do the same. 

Jon, his wife Teresa, and their three children live in Iowa.

For more on Jon, visit his website: